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Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness

The Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness (SAC) is an interdisciplinary academic organization dedicated to the study of consciousness phenomena in cultures around the world. A section of the American Anthropological Association (AAA), SAC members utilize cross-cultural, experimental, experiential, and theoretical approaches to study consciousness.

SAC publishes a journal, Anthropology of Consciousness, holds an annual Spring Meeting, and sponsors sessions at other meetings, such as those of the American Anthropological Association (AAA). Through this site, SAC hopes to further scholarly exchanges between anthropologists and persons in other disciplines within consciousness studies.

Our New Managing Editor

We are pleased to announce that Brian Bartelt is the new AOC editor. Brian has been a long time devoted member known for reading every issue of Ao, so he will be a great caretaker and leader for the journal. Thanks also to outgoing editors Nicole Torres an Gary Moore for their excellent work. 

SAC 38th Annual Conference

March 28th-30th, 2019

McMenamins Edgefield Resort

Portand, Oregon

Follow the link for details on the conference, preliminary program and submitting papers. The Conference Program is available here. The Keynote Speaker’s talk will also be available here.

Fall News

We have created a new Communications Committee that will manage our digital presence. We owe a tremendous debt to Sydney Yeager and Beth Savage for carrying this responsibility for years, and we thank them. Ji Hyang Padma, Director of the Comparative Religion & Philosophy Program at the California Institute for Human Science, has taken on the new Comminucations Committee Chair position. Please hop on Facebook and give her a warm welcome. 

Ji Hyang is also actively soliciting materials to help improve our public exposure, and hence membership. We invite you to send relevant content-- images, articles, abstracts, news-- for our social media outreach. You can email it directly to Ji Hyang at jihyang@mountainpath.org.  Better yet, upload it to a Goodle drive that we have created specifically for AoC content. These materials will be posted across our "channels," from social media to our website and blog.

Here is the Google Drive AoC content folder:


Our website and blog are currently being migrated and redesigned, with a new look coming this year. The blog will be interactive, meaning that you can engage the audience with anything you post. This is a great way to air new ideas and get feedback before writing that next article. It is also a means to find like minded peers and develop new friendships. Please send Ji Hyang any blog materials, with your name and contact information included. 


The strength of the community will depend on how active its members are, so if you want AoC to be everything you dream of, help make it so. Be active!

Annual Themes

One of the biggest decisons we made in 2018 was to change the focus of our organization to look at the intersections between consciousness and sociocultural issues. We have over 40 years of accumulated wisdom, and it is time to consider its applications. Furthermore, in an effort to align our efforts and improve our outreach to other scholars, we voted to create annual themes. These themes will guide both of our annual meetings, our online dialogues, and a special issue of our journal. The theme for 2019 is Consciousness & Social Change, with sub themes listed in the Call for Papers for the Spring meeting (above)


If you or someone you know is passionate about any of these issues, invite them to contribute. They can submit articles to the journal, presentations or workshops at the conferences, or any other material through our social media. Share this news widely, and get ready for a passionate response at McMenamins next March.


Upcoming Conferences


We are very pleased to announce another major decision. AoC will finally have a "Home," a location where we will dedicate time and resources to cultivate the community. This home will be Portland, Oregon. Thanks goes to Andy and Jeff, who will help coordinate our 2019 Spring meeting and mentor the next generation of local site coordinators. The plan is to rotate so that we don't burn them out. Some years we will have a motivated and resourceful person volunteer to be a program coordinator and take the meeting to other places. Maybe we will even get sponsored to host a meeting overseas. When the opportunity arises we will travel, but our default location will be Portland, a place we all know and love. For 2019, we will return to Edgefield McMenamins, our favorite inclusive location with its own craft brewery and hot springs. This will be a grand reunion, so plan on being there!

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