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2017 AAA Annual Meeting

Call for Papers

Anthropology Matters!

The theme for the AAA annual conference for 2017, in Washington DC, is a call to action for anthropologists across all subfields of the discipline.

The AAA is asking its membership to demonstrate the relevance of its research and the application of anthropology for understanding and improving the human condition.  

For SAC members, this is a perfect continuation of the conversation we are starting in California this spring with our Transforming Energy into Action conference.  

This is a call for panels/workshops/events that involves consciousness in translation, investigation, influence, and action.

Potential panel topics may include but are not limited to:

Mark Flanagan and Sydney Yeager are the coordinators for the SAC program at the AAA's.  If you have ideas for panels, roundtable discussions, or workshops, please contact us at: markwflanagan1@gmail.com or sydneyyeager@gmail.com

Read more about the AAA's theme here


All Panels and Papers must be submitted to the AAA by April 14th.