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Submission Information

In order to be considered for publication in Anthropology of Consciousness, submissions should center relevantly around a "consciousness" theme. In general, research articles should be between 8,000-10,000 words and book reviews between 800-1,000 words. Articles should include original research, a discussion of existing research, or an informed theoretical argument. They should include an abstract (150 word maximum), discussion of methodologies used, references to similar, previous research studies (if appropriate), in-text citations, and a bibliography. However, because we encourage research that explores alternative methods of data gathering, analysis, and interpretation, we will also consider articles of different lengths or styles on a case-by-case basis.  

The journal follows the most current edition of The Chicago Manual of Style on most matters such as hyphenation, capitalization, punctuation, abbreviation, and grammar-but defers to certain exceptions adopted in the Style Guide of the American Anthropological Association. Manuscript submissions should be prepared in accordance with the stylistic guidelines contained within.

The average turnaround time for manuscript consideration is 4-5 months. However, this time frame will vary depending on multiple factors. We will contact you electronically to let you know if your paper has or has not been accepted for publication.